The Little Things



The Casual Artist embraces the small things in life.  They are not concerned with whether something is art or not and has little concern as to whether or not they are an artist.

They have at some stage in their life journey had the desire to make, build, design or maybe even breathe.  This is an opening of their heart.  It is absent of hopes and fears and worry.  It is the step into the realm of the unknown or unseen.  We aim to match those who have a silent eye on such uncharted pleasures with the makers themselves.  A match made in a humble heaven.

Art is Always Win Win


The joy of creating.  Is always win win.

You enjoy putting together something. You get a buzz during the creative process, even when it is painful.  Even when you have no beginning and perhaps no end.  You are lost, but there is so much meaning in that process. The end product you love, maybe even hate at first.  Then someone says, ‘I love this,’ but all you did was create.  A gift that resided within you and was unearthed for the world to see and touch.  The casual artist is you.  You are not an artist.  What you have is a happiness to share.