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If I could go back to my school days and take exams I would use the power of expectancy.

I cannot remember a single time during high school where I was motivated more by the pursuit of pleasure than the avoidance of pain.  Okay that’s a lie. I enjoyed sport a lot so the joy of victory was probably a more motivating factor than the potential of losing.. but on the whole I was running away from failure.  I didn’t want to get a poor result.  I didn’t want to fail the exam.

Most of us in our lives are driven by fear, dread and worry. What will happen if I don’t reach that goal, what if I can’t find the right job, what if it’s just a waste of time, am I being realistic enough?  There are a lot of questions dominating our lives that leave us firmly etched in a dark, lonely place.

For those of us that want to lift ourselves out of a funk and start living out our creative dreams we’ll need to make the shift from worry to expectation.

BTW Every mention of the word expectation in this blog of course means positive expectation.

Expectation is the engine driving your hopes and ambitions forward. It will not only get you moving but will take you to any place you want.

When you have deep unwavering expectation it’s a funny experience because to anyone else it could seem like you’re living in a dream world or just a bit delusional.  The reality is that expecting the best outcome for your ambitions is one of the only tools you have in your box but it’s a darn good tool.  To expect with optimism and self belief is like tuning yourself into a success frequency.  At this frequency more opportunities will arise, the right people will gravitate towards you and you’ll be filled with more energy and focus. Expectancy is like the next step up from hope.  Compared to expectation, hope is lifeless and empty.  A pregnant women never says they are hoping.  They are expecting.

To expect things to not work out and to live in the land of worry is not helpful at all so why not try to have positive expectancy.  Worry is a misuse of your imagination.

Yes sometimes things don’t go as planned and yes there is such a thing as disappointment, but that’s okay.  Disappointment IS okay, learning experiences ARE okay, you ARE okay, in fact you’re blimin’ amazing.  You don’t have to believe that now but find that place within where you can trust yourself enough to say it’s okay and I believe I can make my dreams a reality.

If expectancy seems like something a little bit crazy then how about starting off expecting that one day you will have the ability to expect the best of outcomes from your actions.

Back in school what most of us needed was more self reliance, more imagination, more creativity and a healthy dose of expectancy.

You can have that now.  You can have it all.