After completing a 10 day journaling challenge with a group of amazing creatives I wrote the following post. This is for YOU too!

Hope all is good for everyone. What a time for gratitude! Not just the word gratitude but the feeling behind it.

I have a suggestion for a next step after the great journaling challenge in here… so please read on.

I have two different ideas:

Firstly I’d like to invite you all into a fresh group where we will journal daily or every other day on all the stuff that is coming up during this crazy time in our history. There’s going to be some real gold alchemised in this moment. Let’s capture it. We’ll look back and think, wow, what a time that was! This will be co-led, and we can share prompt ideas and other inspiring things that will provide a refreshing antidote to the daily panic alarm bells of BBC news. I’m looking for the leader in you to come forward!

The second idea. I’d like to invite you into an existing messenger group I’m part of. We are a small group which includes two others in this challenge group Carito and Matthew. We found each other through a group called The 5AM Club based on the teaching from Robin Sharma’s book of the same name where we wake up at 5am and build a very strong and powerful foundation for the day. We branched out to create an accountability group and it’s been really valuable. Now before you tune out and think, i’m not waking up at 5am ! give it a chance. Have a look at this link to hear from Robin: It might take a bit of time to build up to it but we’re always supporting and rooting for each others. You’ll also see how this links in perfectly to developing a journaling habit if that’s important to you. You will get help!

Reply in the comments below with either ‘First Idea, I’m in!’ or ‘Second Idea, I’m in!’ or ‘Bring On Both, I’m in!’

Send me an email with your response! 28th March 2020 Mid-CoronaHysteria