chunk of life

When we need to put things in perspective it can help to look at life as one big chunk.

Inside that chunk there will no doubt be highs & lows. There will be births, deaths & marriages. There will be great successes and massive defeats. Your favourite sporting teams will do really well and more often than not, break your heart. Inside that chunk there will be a handful of movies that will stand out. You will experience the challenge of illness. You will encounter people with mental health challenges.

I am in great health. At the same time, lately I occasionally get an unexpected feeling of nausea. I’m getting that checked out.

You will travel, you will learn. You will say stupid things and wonder how that came out of your mouth. Your family will challenge you. Etc etc
How can we prepare ourselves for these blowing winds? How do we make the most of the bits of life that we want? I mean can we ever be ready for the death of someone very close to us?

This is what we can do:

-We can accept that whatever falls in a path is the result of all the occurrences and happenings that took place before it. Therefore we won’t ever need to question it and ask why.

-We can continually work to live and feel in the present moment and take comfort in the idea that all we will ever experience is in the now

-We can get on with it. We feel whatever joy or happiness there is and continue to ride the wave that takes us where we are heading.

Where are you heading?

What do you want?

What does that chunk of life look like for you?