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I remember coming back to my home town of London from my world travels in July 2009.  It was a strange experience. I felt like I was a ghost floating through a familiar land.  I was amused by the road signs, the big red buses and the smartly placed advertising on the walls of the tube stations.   I had become a tourist in my own city.

You wouldn’t think much could change in a year but one of things I did notice was that everyone was using blackberry phones (well the cool kids were).  There was a fresh engagement and dependency on these electronic devices and it was hard to know what was so interesting about them.   Blackberry were onto something, especially because the kids wanted to BBM message their friends through wifi instead of using up credit.  Little did they know that the iPhone, which was around at the time, would blow their efforts right out of the water.

7 years later, we’re all hooked.  There’s the occasional proud Nokia user around but it’s no longer just the kids.  Jump on the tube and you’ll see everyone scrolling and zooming.  I don’t really have too much of a problem with technology.  Yes people are probably closing themselves off to opportunities for human interaction by staring at a screen and yes people are not engaging in conversations in the same way but one of the biggest issues for me is how much of a strong tool for procrastination it has become.

When we want to achieve something significant it takes focus, dedication, energy, optimism and the right attitude.  Maintaining the right attitude and focus is what helps us to get our creative projects off the ground and have half a chance of seeing them through.  I had a moment of clarity at the weekend where I began to really understand what modern day distraction is all about.   Each and every innocent little notification is a deadly force.



I looked at facebook and took a closer look at my notifications for the last few days.   Someone has acknowledged something that you engaged with a week ago.  Someone has accepted a request for me to connect them.  Someone has invited me to like something that I will have to click to have any idea what it is.  Someone I have no communication with is celebrating a birthday today and perhaps I could her good thoughts. Someone has added a new event they’d like me to attend.   Imagine what each of these interactions might look like in real life.   You are sitting in your work area.  You are relaxed and focused on your art project and you hear a little tap at the door.  You go and answer it and someone hands you a little note which reads, ‘Sorry I know you’re busy but I just want to say thanks for inviting me to connect with you and from today onwards, I now accept that invitation to be connected.  We are now connected for the foreseeable future.’  It’s a nice thing for them to do but you had to get up and answer the door to receive relatively unimportant information.   It is not a good thing for you.  How many times do you elect to get up to answer the door every day?

This is only relevant to you if you are a strong intense desire to get something done, otherwise it’s just innocent notifications, nobody gets hurt, life goes on and we’re all happy as Larry.   If you’re not at a place of a strong desire then I can highly recommend it!  You will then have a fresh perspective on the beeps and vibrates that most of us don’t spare a second thought to.  They are the enemy of the great creative life.   Even if you switch off a lot of your notifications, recognise that every little bit of communication in your direction, that you read and consume is designed to take away your focus.  One of my most favourite favourite sayings.. ‘Whatever takes your focus, affects your momentum.’

Big love to you all,