Unique London co-coaching session where everyone ‘coaches’ everyone else. We will do this outdoors to take advantage of the great British summer in Regent’s Park.

You will not need any coaching skills, experience or training for this.

The event might have anything from 5 to 20 people. We will start with a very unique and powerful exercise on communication which I will have to tell you more about on the day.

We will work a lot with trust and intuition and see where this meetup takes us. In twos or threes we will ask each other powerful questions that can lead to life changes, awakenings, transformations and a renewed perspective and energy for life. I will have a whole bunch of questions to hand to help this process flow. I should mention.. it’s fun too!


The next sessions will be part of the Winter BBQ Outdoor Co-coaching Sessions. Mouthful eh?!

email: vernon@thecasualartist.co.uk