Over the past few days from my flat in Wembley I’ve been able to hear the uplifting distant sound of Coldplay and their huge stadium filled crowds singing in unison.  Coldplay have created many big hits and have people travelling far and wide to see them perform.

What is fascinating about fans of superstar musicians and other fans of successful art is that people will make great efforts and pay large sums of money to hear or see something they have already heard or seen before.  Yes they are going for the experience and to see them live in action but ultimately they still want the same.  I remember going to see Lauryn Hill a couple of years ago at the Brixton Academy and she was heavily booed all throughout because she performed unusual remixes of her well known classics. I felt short changed myself because I expected to hear songs how I knew them.  People need familiarity.  This is often why people read and watch the news from the same media outlets because the information fits the narrative they are used to.

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When we want to live a more creative life and get stuck into creative projects it’s worth being aware of this widespread love of the familiar.  We have to be prepared for a variety of different responses from people and at the same time be willing to accept that this is where they are coming from and continue to believe in our own creative expression.

For everything that is familiar, it first began its journey by being unfamiliar.  People will receive your work and your creative self expression in a variety of ways.   Whether your creative work sparks off openness and curiosity or rejection and disinterest, keep true to your own work.  It is your ability to stay on course and to continue to cultivate your level of self belief that will ultimately get you to where you want to be.

Wherever you are in your creative pursuits, however it might feel, you’re right on track.

Enjoy being you.  You’re already pretty good at it.