I had not bought a magazine in years. For the 11 hour flight to South Africa I thought it would be smart to do so.

In this short shopping experience, I found happiness.

My gaze met with the business section, then photography magazines and football magazines. I saw some adult colouring books that looked great and a few puzzles. I nearly settled on a tennis magazine that but then saw some very attractive looking art and design magazines. I went to the counter with the tennis magazine but noticed the edge was worn so I went back to get a better one and then realised I wasn’t really happy with my purchase. I had another browse.

It was at that moment I discovered Happinez. That’s the name of the magazine. It’s a beautiful magazine that covers all things inspiration, wisdom, spirituality, peace and happiness. I had not the slightest bit of doubt this was the magazine for me.

I would say it was only in my late 20’s that I started to recognise what I was really into. What did I enjoy? What would I spend my well earned cash on? What types of people was I drawn towards? Who do I enjoy spending time with? Growing up I had a feeling about it but I never really had the space to allow this self awareness to fully surface.

When I decided to work as a coach I dug even deeper into answering the question of who my people were? What would the qualities of my tribe be?

Answering these questions brings you a lot closer to identifying who you really are. The eternal question.

Answering these questions honestly can be very energising and freeing but can also feel uncomfortable because of a few different reasons:

– Other people might question your link/connection to this tribe of people.
– You begin to discover that what you are doing with your life is way out of alignment with the vibe of the tribe.
– You realise that a lot of your social circle or family don’t fall into the category of your tribe.

After this fresh knowing, if it feels right, you might just decide to take a different turn from the path you’re on. You might also feel happy to know the decisions you have already made were the right ones.

After buying that magazine it was a major jolt to the system when I realised out of hundreds of magazines, I went for the hippy one, with all its love, trees, chakras and healing crystals. I already knew this about me but this was a new knowing. It felt great. It feels great. (& there’s plenty of other types of magazines I would still enjoy reading)

So don’t mind me, i’m just going to get on with my life thank you very much.