I’m Vernon from Wembley. Like many others I’ve had career pursuits (for me it was the world of sales and marketing) and alongside that been involved in more fun stuff (writing songs and being in a cool band). I’ve spent most of my life around creative people and around many friends and work colleagues who are closet creatives; they have neglected their artistic creative side and have forgotten a part of themselves they actually enjoyed expressing.

After hearing multiple stories of how they once created and made this, constructed and painted that and lost this work and sold that piece.. I noticed that they were looking for the right kick up the bum to reignite their artistic flame.

When a person is pursuing success in one area of their life and completely ignoring a big part of who they are; that part of them that makes their eyes light up and warms their heart, this is what you might call being unfulfilled. Yes all the choices we have made up until now are for a reason but the choice to revisit that artist within is available here and now!

9 out of 10 people I have spoken to say they either know someone or they are themselves that person ready to kick start their creative life again. Are you ready to share your gift with others? I am here to help you find the tools, the support and the confidence you need to live your creative potential. Let’s do this!

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